Devotional Writings

I swear, at some point, I will stop rearranging everything on here. XD

But yes. This is for my devotional writings. Included here will be the prayers and hymns, as well as the adorations, and all the new myths I’m in the process of writing.

Since Sobek has called me to scribe for Him, I think it’s time I had a space to properly organise all those writings. I have many myths to write, both brand new myths, as well as queer and rewritten versions of old myths. I’m planning an epic queer version of the Osirian myth cycle, but that’s still just a baby in my head right now.

I have more prayers and hymns to put up, as well, and probably something more concrete about the adorations? IDK. I’ll tizzy this page up when it’s not a lovely placeholder waiting for me to do something interesting with it.

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