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This is where my rites will be collected. I’m still in the process of gathering together which rites I will put up here, but I’ll make a firm list of them once I’ve decided. I’ll be putting my own daily rites up, my ritual purifications, a weekly rite for Ra, and an empty ‘fill in the blanks’ Kemetic ritual outline that could be used to structure a rite if you’re stuck. And whatever else I can find/come up with.

Also, I do tend to include Sobek quite a lot in my rites, and some of the hymns I’ve written for Him and Heru-sa-Aset reference this UPG of mine. I have found only one or two ancient hymns to Sobek that have been translated, which is why I usually just write my own. And why they tend to reference my own UPG and experiences. As such, I write about only the face Sobek shows me, and do not presume He shows this same face to everyone else, because I’m pretty sure He doesn’t.

I don’t really intend for this to be a proper Kemetic 101 type of thing, though. I don’t have the capacity for that, and anyway Shine has covered the basics in getting started as a Kemetic better than I possibly could. I just want to share my rites for the time being, and at some point, I might cobble them all into a book of some sort when I have the time and inclination. But for now, I just want to get these things up. The rest will follow.

A Caveat: Some of my rites are particularly tailored to my own particular practice, and may not resonate with everyone. Also, all the rites here are by no means, a) authentic historical rites, b) The Only One Right Way To Do Things, and c) set in stone. They are modern adaptations, and are only one way to do things. I totally encourage you to take these rites and play around with them. Tailor them to your own path and the Gods you are closest to.

List of Available Rites

Kemetic Rites:

Daily Rites:

1) Simple Kemetic Daily Devotions – designed for beginners, those who like it simple, for when you’re travelling, and for anyone looking for a simple, short, informal, daily rite. Can be customised according to needs.

2) The Morning Temple Rite – A more formal style of daily devotional rite

3) The Evening Temple Rite – A more formal style of daily devotional rite

4) A Daily Rite For The Morning Star (Heru-sa-Aset) – a short, semi-formal devotional rite to Heru-sa-Aset as the morning star.

5) A Daily Rite For The Evening Star (Sobek) – a short, semi-formal devotional rite to Sobek as the evening star.

Weekly Rites:

1) A Weekly Rite In Praise of Ra – does what it says on the tin. A proper ritual using my generic solitary Kemetic ritual structure.

2) The Weekly Temple Rite – a more formal weekly temple-style rite for the Shedety gods.

General Rites:

1) All-Purpose Generic Solitary Kemetic Rite – a basic template for a long Kemetic style rite, best suited for weekly or monthly rites, or for festival rites. Can be customised to suit your needs. Sbould take between 45mins to an hour, depending on how you customise it.

2) All-Purpose Generic Shortform Solitary Kemetic Rite – a shorter form of the above generic Kemetic rite for solitary practitioners, designed for simple, short rites of about 20 minutes, depending on how you customise it.

3) A Kemetic High Day Rite – uses a loose ADF-druidry style of ritual framework, but in a purely Kemetic context.

Miscellaneous Rites:

1) Sobek Execration Rite – a Kemetic execration rite invoking Sobek the Rager, to get rid of that which is no longer needed.

2) The Lamentations of Set and Nit for the Transgender Dead – written for the Trans Rite of Elevation in 2015.

Coming soon: monthly household rites, a ritual for ma’at, and maybe some other bits and pieces.

Graeco-Kemetic Rites:

1) Graeco-Kemetic Morning Rite – a daily devotional rite invoking Hestia, Kheper-Ra-Temu, Sobek&Heru-sa-Aset, and Aset-Nut, intended to be done in the morning. I use this every day, along with the accompanying Evening Rite below.

2) Graeco-Kemetic Evening Rite – a daily devotional rite invoking Hestia, Kheper-Ra-Temu, Sobek&Heru-sa-Aset, and Aset-Nut, intended to be done in the evening. I use this every day, usually in the late evening, together with the morning rite.

3) Graeco-Roman-Kemetic Household Rites – a short household and personal god devotional set for morning and evening. Includes Hekate, Bast, Ianus, and Wesir-Ra, Sobek, and Aset.

Coming soon: Descriptions of the gestures that go with the two devotionals, a page on the silent version of the devotionals, and whatever else I can think of.

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