Wesir and Ra

Wesir and Ra

I’m putting these two together because it’s impossible to talk about Them separately. They’re part of this dynamic, like Sobek and Heru are, and that’s partly why They’re important to me. I relate to Them as a pair, rather than on Their own. That does change the way I relate to Them, and how I perceive Them. Wesir tends to soften Ra’s intensity somewhat, and maybe Ra would be brighter on His own? I’m not really sure. But either way, Wesir and Ra have this day/night thing going on, and it’s sort of an echo/reflection of Sobek and Heru.

I met Wesir first, during the Mysteries of Wesir some years ago. It was the first time I’d marked them. I hadn’t bothered for a long time because Wesir wasn’t one of my gods, and I didn’t feel the need to do that. But I did that year, for whatever reason, and the night vigil was what introduced us. It was a deeply intense and personal experience, to sit through that night vigil, and feel the intensity of the mourning, and the dead, and Wesir, too. It became one of my favourite festivals after that, and I became very fond of Wesir. I haven’t always been able to keep the night vigil since then, but I do try to mark the Mysteries at the very least.

Since then, it’s become this day boat/night boat dynamic, which governs my calendar and cycles. My daily rites to Sobek and Heru are related to them, with Sobek as the night boat and Heru as the day boat. It’s kind of hard to sum it up any more than that. It’s one of those aspects of my path that would feel weird if it wasn’t there?

I’ll leave this for now, until I can think of a better way to explain this.


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